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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1606 new posts and replies over 233 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
4cBest Ostrich shoes for minimum 1000$17:15 GoldenOne17:23 the way
5hPerspective - Dow at same point one year ago today15:32 windaar17:23 jabberwockOG
66pFL Snowbirds with Second Homes - Give Me Pros/Cons of Owning Our Own vs Renting Seasonal05/29 debrajo6117:22 gr7070
7pShould I Stick with Term Insurance?12:32 Jonbuck17:21 Broken Man 1999
51cTea supplier comparison2018 Earl Lemongrab17:19 JAZZISCOOL
3hSmall Pension12:44 peke989817:19 LuckyGuy
6tWhy Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is a mental accounting bias and should never be used13:43 adherenceEnergy17:19 tvubpwcisla
30hOptimal Bond Fund05/31 bogle70717:19 smartinvestor20
94cThe "Best of" for Aldi?05/26 Kennedy17:19 michaelingp
33hHow to approach a friend: a first time investor bought a single stock03:11 Laurizas17:19 BuyandHold37
395pJPM Chase Reserve Card gets more expensive01/08 WhiteMaxima17:16 MikeG62
23cRural Internet Options18:26 mikedm17:16 Flyer24
6hA question to the real estate investors15:39 TheoLeo17:16 gr7070
5cBuying a used PC/desktop from eBay16:53 new2bogle17:14 02nz
4htips in bond allocation13:00 musicagogo17:14 dbr
13cBidet recommendations01/18 jibantik17:14 michaelingp
63tWhere to park cash in Fidelity?05/19 rgs9217:13 Artsdoctor
1cGoogleDrive/File Share/Confidentiality15:08 ubermax17:13 sycamore
116cFace mask recommendations05/28 ThankYouJack17:12 JediMisty
1hTSP G-Fund: cash or bond16:51 SteadyOne17:11 dbr
13cBest watch for $5,000+12:00 LadyGeek17:11 GoldenOne
19pHiring Spouse Part Time For Small Business, Optimizing Solo 401k - Need To Track Hours?10:06 dublin17:10 ralph124cf
27pIs there a white-collar semi-retired WFH job that doesn't need skills/training?05/30 fatFIRE17:07 fatFIRE
233t“WHEN YOU'VE WON the game, stop playing with the money you really need.”05/27 CWRadio17:05 2pedals
25hWhich budgeting software do you use ?23:38 johnpau17:04 ColoRetiredGirl
7hDoes a Quasi LMP bond portfolio make sense?11:16 HappyJack17:04 HappyJack
5730tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar17:03 mrspock
12pQuestions about Mother-in-law live rent free in my rental unit13:44 jlm41117:03 Mudpuppy
40hRoth IRA for a minor child?05/30 dred pirate17:02 FiveK
21cProblems after buying house13:26 Findourway117:01 8foot7
12pUnderstanding the Line Items of a Refinance No Closing Costs Loan22:10 siankisr17:00 gr7070
4hInvestments [401(k) terminated]14:51 shaass117:00 sycamore
25cquestion about modems & routers05/29 schmitz16:59 schmitz
4hWhat Else Left To Do? (Investing-wise)16:32 Avreich16:58 retired@50
81pWhy not buy mobile homes instead of overpriced traditional homes?04/11 fatFIRE16:56 tiburblium
43cNon Fiction books for teenagers05/29 tzukulika16:53 Thrifty Femme
5tBogleheads blog - April 2020 postings05/08 siamond16:52 Barry Barnitz
7hMove, reorganize, or reallocate?05/29 MidSizeTexan16:51 Duckie
4962tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE16:48 Mickelous
5tInternational Equity Diversification vs TIPS05/29 Northern Flicke16:48 Northern Flicke
61tInvesting in International Stocks05/21 grayfox16:45 andrige
1pRe-tooling as an Attorney16:23 bjames31016:45 oldfort
277cHow much is your cell phone bill?2016 imsomeguy16:45 isubrama
88tSingle Favorite Mutual Fund2013 TheTimeLord16:43 oldzey
11tWSJ: Individual investors get burned by collapse of complex securities10:34 pcsrini16:43 GibsonL6s
1pSeeking estate planning advice for Canadian on H1B with Indian citizen wife11:31 rex16:40 rex
1hTransferring Roth IRA from Edward Jones to Fidelity14:53 dugtoni16:40 bloom2708
0tConflicting Information with Fidelity vs Vanguard16:37 fishlobber 
0hRolling over 401(k) to self directed IRA - while on H1B16:35 miyaraj354 
12hDouble checking before solo 401k contribution05/31 Pokerguy12316:33 Duckie
63tHealthcare post COVID-1905/11 Devil's Advocat16:31 firebirdparts
5454cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36816:30 New Providence
15cBackyard Movie Night21:42 mw173916:29 onourway
30pnorthern Delaware versus southern NJ for retirement05/29 go_mets16:28 A440
160cIf Jeep has such poor reliability, how come they are everywhere?05/24 CULater16:24 msi
237pAvoiding keeping-up-with-the-joneses w.r.t. private schools05/25 hammond16:23 Starfish
152pSimple jobs during FATFire?05/26 hammond16:23 New Providence
18838tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill16:21 BW1985
29pProbationary period for new job05/29 Calhoon16:16 avenger
534tI don't understand the case for EE bonds2017 sometimesinvest16:16 anon_investor
9hWhat do we do with “house” funds if we decide to rent longer term?05/23 DouroBound16:16 lakpr
29pLand Purchase Possible or Forget About It?2018 trumpet8316:11 not4me
7pHigh income couples, share your income progression10:51 hammond16:05 LadyGeek
4pFICO Score: Moves back and forth every couple of months15:55 InvestorThom16:04 DaftInvestor
2tSame issuer, different preferreds. Is it a wash sale?13:16 Church Lady15:59 not4me
3pExperience w/ Medical Lab Sciences major in college?11:57 bryansmile15:52 Beehave
7hQuestion regarding tax loss harvesting05/04 nkumar15:49 terran
38tDuration Question05/31 bck6315:48 grabiner
44pAnother Round Retirement Plan05/19 macher15:48 macher
21cCan I use my pressure washer compressor for a pneumatic nail gun?05/31 new2bogle15:45 Sandtrap
54hadvice on retirement portfolio for a $20m windfall01/14 spindrift10315:42 spindrift103
9pHow to pay for a teenagers help in a 1099 tennis coaching role13:42 life in slices15:38 123
27tEducating money and investing for kids05/31 jk87615:37 LadyGeek
11pAdvice for Potential Relocation to West Palm Beach08:28 TLL2415:33 inverter
68p50% pay cut: moving advice05/27 euler15:29 Watty
3pRental property depreciation - how does it interact with the standard deduction?14:47 gouverneur15:28 gouverneur
46cSelling a house - should it be staged or left empty?05/31 Lowlim15:27 barnaclebob
12hTIPs: Negative yields vs premium over nominal bonds10:01 Birder6315:22 vineviz
264cWhat is your most luxury/expensive hobby.02/09 bo10595402715:20 arcticpineapple
1n25 year old, Singapore, looking for advice06:54 oldmermaid715:15 TedSwippet
15pLooking for Life Insurance recommendation18:03 Stebbins15:14 BB76
7hAsset allocation across multiple account types and using M1 Finance auto balancing with multiple account types19:44 barch15:10 retiredjg
8hStopped employer contribution13:53 crit15:09 lakpr
3tCorporate bond equity like exposure14:42 dkturner15:09 tibbitts
5pVisiting Grandchildren from Singapore Health Insurance20:24 Rwsawbones15:08 halfnine
15pAirline Voucher about to Expire: Options?05/31 Kookaburra15:07 SS Rambo
19hWhat to do after maxing 401k and emergency fund?19:16 Broadway201815:07 jibantik
34cFurniture for an infant in the living room05/20 BogleMelon15:04 gmc4h232
39cBicycle Recommendation?05/22 bhwabeck353314:56 willthrill81
12tDay trading on TD Ameritrade03/24 snoberdale14:53 neverpanic
80tWall Street bets international stocks will top US equities in 2020 after a decade-long slump12/07 mathwhiz14:50 Northern Flicke
5pProposed update to Managing a Windfall wiki page23:18 fyre4ce14:49 FiveK
1pNavy Federal CU Certificate Rate Drops13:48 tomd3714:46 MikeG62
67hOut of market now and need advice on re-entering05/30 shc498214:45 WhiteMaxima
16cStand Up PaddleBoard Recommendation?2016 tm314:45 Unwinder
74pCareer advice for science PhD student05/26 handle14:42 Rotarman
1587pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1114:37 lcdx22
591pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly14:35 rascott
11hRoth conversion calculator?05/31 peterwfraser14:28 FiveK
8cHow to best utilize my office stipend?05/29 z9114:27 mdchemist
47pChase reducing credit card limits05/31 runswithscissor14:20 cherijoh
16pSaving money or pay off debt?05/30 Frugalbear14:17 petulant
6tDr. Ed Yardeni is my June podcast guest on "Bogleheads on Investing"06:57 Rick Ferri13:58 patrick013
450pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek13:47 irrad
166tSwedroe’s Bond Advice - no total bond index05/26 nix4me13:42 annu
5fnavigation05/31 KEotSK6613:36 Mudpuppy
80p1:1 salary and stock jobs?05/26 Picasso13:36 sailaway
12h457 to Nondeductible IRA to Roth05/31 Jojoperson13:33 FiveK
31cSuggestions for a comfortable desk chair on a budget05/30 PhysicsTeacher13:30 Elena
10tMutual Fund and ETF Performance Misunderstanding?05/31 theTRA13:27 grabiner
1043pWhy are you NOT buying rental properties?2019 tomtoms13:25 VeganBH
9hMortgage payoff, cap gains, and go for PSLF?05/20 nungjames13:22 petulant
20hVanguard vs. Fidelity Large Cap Growth Mutual Fund05/31 mam6935013:14 ruralavalon
42tTaleb Says Portfolios to ‘Blow Up’ Without Tail Hedges04/26 alex12371113:13 willthrill81
9hChase You Invest - "Invest and Forget"05/31 msmtr13:12 Dead Man Walkin
8hWash Sale Short vs. Long Term Capital Gains/losses11:30 BrandonBogle13:09 grabiner
2hRoth IRA for 1099 Employees12:30 dvcdenise13:05 terran
9tThe efficient frontier and bond allocation03:42 bbet240213:02 grabiner
36tTax loss harvesting05/31 l1am13:01 FIREchief
12tCOVID-19 effect on globalization and international investment allocation04/12 DesertMan13:00 rob
12tWhat percent of value stocks are actually risky?05/05 rkhusky12:55 garlandwhizzer
13hDoes VTSAX and VBTLX trade at day end price.18:51 johnpau12:53 ruralavalon
6pIs this the right way to calculate the rate of return from a refi?22:09 texasdiver12:49 gch
28hDoes average cost basis get rid of wash sale concerns if overall gain?05/31 userwithconcern12:46 grabiner
475cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?03/28 JAZZISCOOL12:44 ray.james
10pAlly vs. M1 (One Stop Shop w/ banking & leveraged funds)05/30 BB7612:43 BB76
169tI don't understand stock buybacks2019 refinedchain12:39 NoRegret
2hRoth IRAs and the Pro-Rata Rule guidance10:52 amucf12:37 grabiner
43cGetting started with Dashlane05/16 boblink12:25 boblink
8pCOVID-19 EIDL Loan Status?04/09 atlgenxennial12:23 atlgenxennial
28cHow to get back fees paid to telemedicine provider?05/30 BogleMelon12:12 White Coat Inve
5hHelp checking over retirement path plan05/29 berg12:10 CoAndy
5h401k investment question05/30 bogglewer12:09 Stinky
16hRescheduling a 2020 Retirement Date?05/31 TresBelle6512:07 Faith20879
3hBond ladder vs. mutual fund during retirement10:17 Birder6312:03 Birder63
1479cBest watch for around $5,000? [Archived]2008 Petrocelli12:01 LadyGeek
36tEconomy and The Markets05/29 Newtothis9211:57 boglethat
5hFidelity Full View Asset Allocation?10:34 nolaquen11:52 nolaquen
2hInvestment planning advice21:46 Gibbs031611:49 livesoft
23cWhat phone to buy after iPhone 7 Plus05/23 manatee200511:47 manatee2005
7hVG Wash Sale Question: FIFO vs. Avg Cost21:32 BolekLolek11:40 rossington
189pOptimizing PPP Forgiveness04/18 Stormbringer11:39 MP123
3pWho gets selected for layoffs?11:19 mathwhiz11:36 LadyGeek
47pPut checking accounts in living revocable trusts?2015 rcjchicity11:32 LeftCoast
35hBeginner looking for guided investment service05/13 Chziime11:30 retired@50
123cTips to stick to a weight loss diet?05/22 Kennedy11:26 fujiters
62nH1B Exit Strategy 401K vs Roth vs Brokerage05/26 SUN4311:22 assyadh
49tAny believers in the dollar milkshake theory?2019 unclescrooge11:21 Sandtrap
12lChicagoland virtual meeting08/04 HoosierJim11:08 HoosierJim
12h[Which bond fund for a taxable account?]05/30 Rajsx10:57 midareff
15pCollege tuition- DIY or pay a professional?05/27 guavapure10:56 NotWhoYouThink
12hCash needs in tax-advantaged?05/31 mikeyzito2210:52 mikeyzito22
12tFuture Marginal Tax Rate Estimator (post from Reddit)05/26 withrye10:49 livesoft
19t[implications of] Delisting Chinese stocks?05/26 viewer010:44 ochotona
11tBest Diversification Portfolio For Different Asset Allocations19:17 rockthisworld10:43 rixer
783tHarry Browne Permanent Portfolio Discussion (Cont'd)2010 MediumTex10:39 thisisallen
22nGood portfolio visualizers that support non US domiciled ETFs?02/11 bogle102410:31 galeno
12tGlobal Market Portfolio05/29 Maestro G10:21 jeffyscott
233cTesla Model Y2019 4nursebee10:19 niceguy7376
13hNew Investor how much to invest ?05/31 johnpau10:16 KlangFool
3hChanging Assett Allocation08:26 jakobox10:12 pkcrafter
8nChinese Bond Exposure05:05 galeno10:09 galeno
928tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young2019 Steve Reading09:59 Steve Reading
10t"Inside the Mind of a Stock Market Crash" -- research on Vanguard investors between Feb-Mar of 202001:23 AlohaJoe09:30 sailaway
121tGoogle sheets not pulling stock prices2018 pshonore09:26 mroe800
107tThis article is scaring me. [Roubini predicting depression]05/27 SilverGirl09:23 firebirdparts
23hVanguard Personal Advisor vs. Local Advisor05/29 shc498209:21 dbr
6cworth it to upgrade to Wifi 6 router05/31 Tenesmus8309:18 jhfenton
1p529 account usage08:47 frank1108:55 markcoop
28hM1 or SoFi Customer Service05/30 sp22608:36 mpsz
13hPlanning for after death of a parent05/31 homer7708:33 stan1
2pIncome tax planning: Additional stimulus money & Safe Harbor22:32 MJS08:22 MJS
2835tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore08:17 Randtor
9nchoices to make by retiring05/30 clango08:15 clango
272cWhat have you baked recently?2018 Elsebet08:12 Sandtrap
145pAirline refusing to issue refunds03/30 rm08:11 seawolf21
44pWhen to deduct HSA from payroll, and when not to?05/10 tomwood08:09 terran
4hAdvice needed: Actively managed to three-fund20:30 toma nova08:09 Stinky
46hWhen is it enough/too much?05/31 scorcher3108:05 ThankYouJack
309pCollege in fall03/29 Calhoon08:01 OldBallCoach
32pOnline bank recommendations02/10 Lyra07:16 TJHOFF
54tIndex Investing and the U.S.-China Great Power Struggle05/31 SimpleGift07:15 LadyGeek
39cLifelong New Yorker relocating to Philly for FIRE?05/29 cpan00b07:13 LadyGeek
106cFalcon 9 Launch to the International Space Station05/27 LadyGeek06:59 LadyGeek
2hLiving overseas, what to do with house sale $02:01 Curious106:45 typical.investo
3hHow to allocate 529 funds?20:34 Afty06:21 rkhusky
1592pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon05:47 heartwood
32hTax consequences of IB Stock Yield Enhancement program?12/01 sean.mcgrath05:46 sean.mcgrath
2cPPP Forgiveness and EIDL questions05/30 andyandyandy05:24 andyandyandy
35cFold Flat Seats in a 2019/2020 car05/29 sad203:28 jlawrence01
4n[How can I invest in a fund which tracks the S&P 500 in US$?]05/28 Islandhopper02:25 glorat
2pHelp correcting a 403b over-contribution05/19 rahim01:22 Spirit Rider
425pRetirement Friendly States11/25 LiveSimple01:11 texasdiver
6tWhich portfolio allocation is the right one for you?05/09 CULater00:53 Eagle33
0cBrowser blocker for web-sites that block ad-blocker00:39 rob 
4pCash-out Refi to Fund Home Improvements??07/22 newtoohere00:38 gr7070
7pAny way to gift a tax-deferred account with same tax treatment as TOD?05/29 spuriousproposa00:01 spuriousproposa
12IAny Interest in a New Zealand Local Chapter?2017 Mel Lindauer23:18 Mel Lindauer
5hAdvice on switching account to Vanguard05/31 Leanmac6123:15 Leanmac61
5hOTM Puts on long dated treasury/treasury futures05/31 Saver2123:00 whodidntante
33tShould I pull out of TIAA Real Estate...?05/30 fatFIRE22:59 oldzey
11hCD interest disbursement options05/30 blackwhisker22:41 blackwhisker
48pTeaching kids about saving money and investing02/25 Mario222222:27 gr7070
25cDouble Play (Internet and TV)05/31 Jungle Cat22:22 Silence Dogood
5hMutual Fund Minimum19:42 IndyMachiner22:19 pkcrafter
48hHow do you keep track your investments?05/30 chicagoperson7822:12 catlady
350pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan22:11 kinless
2tFixed rate annuity question05/31 Kelly21:43 Stinky
9hReal Estate Investing05/31 SpaceX21:33 sharp1aarohead
88tRoth + Time vs Pretax + tax05/22 Superleaf44421:31 FiveK
2tRoth Questions Please20:08 bumski21:31 jeffyscott
16pPotentially Take Job Offer or Not05/31 Thegame1421:27 millennialmilli
139cGardening 202003/19 kacang20:50 LadyGeek
69t70/30 - Expected Real Return?05/29 Pinotage20:26 HomerJ
621cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger20:21 JAZZISCOOL
54hHow to invest lots of maturing CDs in this investment climate05/27 protagonist20:03 Kevin M
4tShould one permanently reduce REITs/RE because of COVID-19?05/31 fatFIRE20:02 bling
12pEthics of FIRE19:30 m@ver1ck19:47 Flyer24
45cUpdate current laptop or buy new one?05/24 anthonyphamy19:34 backpacker61
4pMetLife-Brighthouse Financial Annuity05/31 diceman319:33 diceman3
33hadvice, please: target date fund to index switch / traditional v roth allocations05/14 pewee19:24 pewee
10hconsolidate 401k for early retirement? new 401k plan has admin fee after leaving05/30 casaver19:23 casaver
3htwo-year savings plans for home & car funds05/29 rjmack19:16 rjmack
3hUsefulness of VNYTX (Vanguard New York Long-Term Tax-Exempt Mutual Fund)05/31 sharppencilinve19:09 grabiner
3hWhich one accumulates more shares in the long run?05/31 staxchips19:06 grabiner
42hHave you been following your IPS?05/28 remomnyc18:42 Horton
12ppaper tax returns05/30 mouses18:40 UpperNwGuy
2pReally am confused - Inflation, real rate, nominal etc - How to keep track against target?18:17 confused118:36 confused1
1494tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!06/03 hdas18:32 MotoTrojan
39hPaying off debt with taxable account + EF05/30 home_body18:13 grabiner
14pHow specific should I be in my will with regards to investing?05/20 Stebbins18:06 Stebbins
8hAdvice for Mom's variable annuity.05/31 Rader17:53 Rader
5hHelp with funds for tax loss harvesting05/30 CaptainCustard17:51 Duckie

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