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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1642 new posts and replies over 211 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
0cTrip to Costa Rica17:43 veena9111 
6pIncreasing extra mortgage payments later in the term worth it?11:11 wafflesngravy17:43 mortfree
49hWhen Did You Ease Up On Saving Aggressively?11:40 RJC17:42 sergeant
26pPaying credit card "current balance" vs. "statement balance"12:32 Nyarlathotep17:42 Trader Joe
13tVanguard's "Bogle Site" gone? Hopefully just a glitch.14:21 nisiprius17:42 arcticpineapple
11pIf you have an HDHP, check the restrictions on the out-of-pocket maximum15:28 willthrill8117:42 Lee_WSP
27cPoll: Beater or Luxury car for long daily commute15:32 crossbow17:41 Ron Ronnerson
2tInteresting new factor exposure tool14:11 HippoSir17:41 vencat
4hShould I convert my small IRA accounts to Roth to avoid pro-rata?14:17 kevin9917:40 Stinky
9pReal Life Experience. Applying for Medicare08:50 TravelforFun17:39 TravelforFun
83pAnyone retire in their 30s?08/17 Nathan Drake17:36 Oakwood42
15pQuestion on Chronic Conditions and Wellness Exams09:43 ossipago17:36 Blue456
6cReplacing brake pads in a Honda CRV 125,000 miles16:44 worthit17:35 Trader Joe
7hUsing TSP versus non-government funds in retirement09:04 cresive17:34 MnD
8pBiz Owners: Your Health Insurance Contributions?10:48 JiggyWillis17:33 CascadiaSoonish
23h529s: One for family vs. One per kid08:00 scubadiver17:33 RickBoglehead
0h23-Year-Old: Question About Portfolio17:32 markymark21 
1h529s for kids already in and nearly in college16:45 jsaver17:32 goodenyou
36cBattery powered lawn mower08/18 JimMolony17:29 Yooper16
52cHow to read (and retain)?08/18 kurious17:29 cbeck
12cLife Advice: deciding what you want to do.08/18 Piplup199617:29 CascadiaSoonish
0hSelling losses to offset Gains17:29 Jerry55 
1tThirty Year TIPS Auction Thursday August 22 201913:34 #Cruncher17:29 Angst
11p529 beneficiary change09:35 tk514417:27 tk5144
69tThe One-Fund Portfolio as a default suggestion08/12 longinvest17:26 mindboggling
71pWhen to move into retirement08/15 NearlyRetired17:26 MandyT
29cNew laptop advice08/18 Seasonal17:26 Seasonal
257cDoes it matter what type of college one goes to?2016 Five17:24 tesuzuki2002
33cPharmacist to Data Analyst Role08/15 RJC17:24 Student2
1n[wiki] Draft non-US 'Asking portfolio questions' template page16:44 TedSwippet17:23 BeBH65
14hAdvice regarding company call options set to expire soon...12:42 kabletown2117:22 not4me
401tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE17:21 Lee_WSP
10hChanges in my work's fund offerings. CITs?2018 macandal17:21 LongRoad
98tGE shares tank more than 13% after Madoff whistleblower calls it a ‘bigger fraud than Enron'08/15 PrettyCoolWorks17:20 X528
13hAdvice Requested: My Mom's Edward Jones Account07/22 k.a_thorne17:20 Peter Foley
24pDiscover cash back Credit Card - Interest charges10:59 jello_nailer17:18 Nate79
45pAre we financially okay?08/17 takeabiteoflife17:17 lakja
3pLooking for a computer coding mentor05:50 My Financial Jo17:16 Ecorp
9cIdea for a basic drawing book for granddaughter...13:41 Broken Man 199917:13 brandy
19cMoving to Houston08/15 siker17:11 simple man
9pMedicare Part B premium for 202002:20 Namashkar17:10 Namashkar
1pWould You Refinance Under the Following Circumstances16:33 harrad17:10 Silk McCue
9pWould you pay points?15:42 9liner17:07 willthrill81
41hInvest or pay off student loans?17:59 NoviceInvestor217:05 billfromct
15pAdvice on quickly funding an irrevocable trust with IRA annuities08/18 ballons17:01 Silk McCue
2pPaying Business Debt vs Home Mortgage (tax adjusted?)10:56 hardrain17:01 hardrain
70c(Tall) Buyer Beware: Honda Accord.07/08 kjvmartin16:57 w33ps
14pIs my advice to my cousin correct ?12:56 shell92116:55 delamer
106tTreasury 2-10 year yield curve has inverted!08/14 J G Bankerton16:55 jdb
41pClose on first home on Wednesday, might not take possession until 30 days... advice please08/17 JJP8816:53 michaeljc70
7pHow late in life to buy long term disability at work?11:51 JediMisty16:49 JediMisty
427tI don't understand the case for EE bonds2017 sometimesinvest16:45 leftcoaster
0cEvaluation of Brave and Opera Web Browsers16:44 stargazer 
0pEmployer made wrong 401k contributions to Roth 401k instead of After-Tax contribution16:43 tahoeatx16 
7hP2P lending as a part of port folio06:00 Jimsad16:38 Jimsad
1427tU.S. stocks continue to soar!08/27 GoldStar16:38 milktoast
0tA "Rule of thumb" variable withdrawal method16:35 Jacklh 
16hI'm signing up for Vanguard PAS...13:05 ljr16:30 ljr
32tWhy not invest in sector ETFs?08/16 AO316:28 Northern Flicke
26tBloomberg: U.S. Weighs Selling 50- and 100-Year Bonds08/17 stimulacra16:25 Valuethinker
9pamending tax form08/17 financenoob02116:17 financenoob021
11679tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill16:17 ruralavalon
4tIs the trade war turning into a currency war?14:57 garlandwhizzer16:16 latak215
2pIRMAA 3 years after life changing event14:53 Penton216:12 neilpilot
16pHow are you finding "no cost" refis?08/17 Texanbybirth16:08 Northern Flicke
8n[EU | Belgium] Specific bond taxation and general bond mechanics questions08/18 zarci16:07 BeBH65
146cDo you buy new or used cars?2018 Hulk15:57 WestUniversity
188pSelective Colleges08/16 psteinx15:55 rbaldini
138tDiversification Regret Index11/02 vineviz15:55 fortyofforty
7pCapital One Breach: What to Do if SSN Compromised05:09 DarkHelmetII15:45 gtd98765
3pLoan Program to use07:02 willyt2515:42 Golf maniac
50tMinimization of maximum regret: Supportive of balanced AAs for some long-term investors?08/17 willthrill8115:41 CyclingDuo
7hGetting Married - Portfolio Optimization Questions08/18 oinkyboinky15:41 Mullins
53cBuying an older used car - any new/different ideas?08/16 dm20015:40 chw
13hTaxable brokerage accounts08/18 fdrm201915:32 ruralavalon
25cAnyonw driving Uber for fun and pocket money in retirement?12:33 flyingaway15:27 Dinosaur Dad
11hMy retirement plan is changing -- AGAIN!!13:04 macandal15:27 macandal
43pHCOL savings rates08/15 huai15:21 new2bogle
102cAmazon -- no longer the lowest prices, evidently08/07 catdude15:19 Mitchell777
28hInheritance/bulk sum/"pretirement08/16 Tahoe15:17 Tahoe
8hSIPC protection (or lack thereof?) for 401k accounts08/18 megaroth15:17 megaroth
11pRefinance out of the ARM? Are the fees worth it?21:28 veindoc15:15 veindoc
10nBroker similar to IBKR07:36 bubbasour15:13 assyadh
83pMoving from Bay area, CA to Knoxville, TN08/18 lastklim15:11 mchampse
16hWash sale question02:17 chr15:11 rkhusky
2tFinally appreciating diversification14:20 owenmia15:09 asif408
19hPaging Taylor Larimore one last time!08/16 misterbill41215:06 CyclingDuo
39pBuy the house or continue to rent?08/04 rosivel15:04 Golf maniac
16cFallen Tree clearing11:00 SlowMovingInves15:02 carolinaman
247pI really do not like using credit cards. Do any of you have a good credit score with no credit cards?05/13 iamblessed15:01 3-20Characters
5cIs it worth sealing half a fence?13:53 Socrates15:00 Sandtrap
6hMerrill Edge ETFs06:51 huai14:59 jakehefty17
88tWhy Zero (or Negative) Interest Rates Could Someday Make Sense08/14 SimpleGift14:56 not4me
419pSeeking comment on proposed revisions to Marginal Tax Rate and Traditional v. Roth wiki articles05/17 fyre4ce14:55 FiveK
31pWhat do you think about this Prosper loan to pay off car home Reno etc08/17 itsallaboutme14:45 sergeant
29tSimple-minded inspection of actual low-vol fund2018 nisiprius14:43 garlandwhizzer
216tLarry Swedroe: Small Value Stocks are Cheap08/13 willthrill8114:42 fennewaldaj
8hUnderstanding capital gains tax10:08 Zoey14:36 cherijoh
3hAA and duration of portfolio08/18 Regina0014:35 Phineas J. Whoo
127cAliens have captured my husband [wants to buy a Porsche]08/17 msrumphius14:27 DesertDiva
25pEmergency medical insurance (Helicopter transport, etc)08/09 new2bogle14:17 Arlington2019
9hTransfering of Lincoln Investment retirement account to Vanguard18:31 staticchair0414:12 staticchair04
17hKeep VWIUX (muni bonds) or switch to VBLTX (total bond)?08/15 ishkadetto14:12 hudson
19tTotal market index fund and recency10:01 tc10114:09 columbia
3hPortfolio advice and Mega Backdoor Roth options05:04 juro13:58 juro
20cEthernet, MoCA, House Wiring08/18 rich12613:57 rj342
26pTransferring a house & tax issues08/17 rage_phish13:56 vtjon02
6pHelp with SS calculation12:14 theplayer1113:40 David Jay
5hPayflex HSA fees announcement2017 Nate7913:35 Edie
0hFidelity REITs13:35 Justafamilydoc 
79pHow to define "HCOL" (high cost of living) areas?08/16 mptfan13:24 J G Bankerton
10hTreasury Bill Question2018 buffettgraham13:08 engineerbme
2pWhich calculator/tool to use on mtgprofessor to compare rates?07:22 zrzhu11113:07 zrzhu111
10hSaving for a new car09:58 asj199613:04 classicindexer
60hDon’t put new money in market right now??08/17 Dobie12:59 scripter2002
12hManaged fund vs index fund- will danoff.09:27 Dobie12:55 Snowjob
64cI wanted to teach myself computer programming.08/14 rai12:54 bampf
14n[EU-Belgium] Optimal portfolio to FIRE?07/31 ignition12:42 BeBH65
61tPast Performance08/17 Taylor Larimore12:40 Forester
11tBalanced Index and Wellesley Admiral08/18 ScooterBob11:36 ScooterBob
15tThe W’s [Wellesley or Wellington] over a bond fund?08/18 Starchild11:34 matthewbarnhart
20nPortfolio assessment [UK]08/18 becky4711:30 TedSwippet
23pCollege senior son - how to pay loans best for credit score?08/16 rj34211:30 BigMoneyNoWhamm
332tA time to EVALUATE your jitters2011 nisiprius11:16 BlackDiamond
13hPrudential Premier Retirement B / HDI v3.0 Annuity08/18 robindbee11:07 nedsaid
61pGo for new job (more pay but travel) or stay?08/17 harrychan11:07 dknightd
84p50-60k boat purchase??07/05 TarHeel200211:07 mikemikemike
96tPersonal Flagship Representaive Going Away08/06 minesweep11:04 beyou
93cWoodstock2009 speedbump10111:03 dustinst22
12hnewish investor driving myself crazy picking a bond fund...06:03 cone77441310:59 CoastalWinds
8cTime to rewire, replumb. 30, 40, 50 years? Hot climate.23:19 msk10:59 curmudgeon
24tHow about an 856-year bond?08/18 nisiprius10:54 Valuethinker
66tConfused, bummed, and concerned08/14 typicalmillenia10:46 johnz1001
65lRichmond, VA Area Local Chapter2014 PocketChangePen10:40 bigbadbuff
10n[Wiki] NEW explanatory page on Simple Portfolios for non-US investors00:15 DJN10:40 DJN
25cRV purchase ?00:56 novemberrain10:31 -ryan-
12hBest money market rate for first 12 months?08/16 BlackDiamond10:28 BlackDiamond
12hSimple tax loss harvesting strategy08/17 gazelle199110:26 iceport
11pRisk associated with house value declining?07:35 B4Xt3r10:22 Admiral
34pAnother NFCU CD deal [Navy Federal Credit Union]07/08 friar161009:47 tfb
1374c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir09:40 bengal22
16hReceived a 1 million windfall and what to do with it08/17 conradfloor09:36 Vanguard Fan 13
18cBest price/timing to buy 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback?08/17 Muri09:35 Tamarind
895lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2018 Alex Frakt09:29 ruralavalon
41c10 Year Cost of Owning My CR-V08/16 Random Poster09:07 Random Poster
94hCan having wealthy parents be a justification for a more aggressive investment strategy?08/12 hp12see09:07 N1CKV
9hStock Goes to Zero - Capital Loss?08/17 D. B. Cooper09:03 D. B. Cooper
22cA week in Newfoundland, activites advise04/15 RW-Expat08:42 Alf 101
5hNot good options for bonds on 401k. Where to put them?21:33 SavingsMug08:37 ruralavalon
4hPrudential 45701:49 -Bman-08:22 mggray17
3911cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt08:21 ruralavalon
7pHelp confirm the best mortgage options08/18 zrzhu11108:14 Ben Mathew
3nUK investment advice07:44 fdrm201908:06 Valuethinker
33pFinancial planning tools - MaxiFi, Fire Calc, etc?08/16 cognovimus08:01 SuzBanyan
316pSocial Security -- Take it at 62, 67 or 7007/31 MarkRLV07:59 smitcat
135tNegative Interest Rates in U.S.08/10 susa07:51 305pelusa
63hInterest rates low: leverage up?08/13 mikemikemike07:38 rascott
18cLuggage Tracker08/16 NavyIC307:35 SRenaeP
2tThree Fund Portfolio and alternatives during my Investing Lifetime08/18 silvercertifica07:34 anil686
14tMajor changes in VWOB (Vanguard Emerging Markets Govt Bond ETF) portfolio (almost no China)?07/03 jhfenton07:29 jhfenton
29cHow to save on international business class fares for family08/17 bogleraw07:27 SRenaeP
11nVWRD or SWRD for VT Ireland based equivalent? Accumulating or distributing?08/12 Vision07:17 bubbasour
60pMoving for better public schools?08/15 Dagwood07:05 OnceARunner
22hMinimal Cash and Bonds in Portfolio08/16 victor224406:51 Bacchus01
51tAny Bogleheads get involved in private equity?2014 kellyfj06:48 SlowMovingInves
13cRequest help with Orbi router setup08/15 EZ James06:29 flyingcows
9nNasdaq 100 choice08/18 freestyler06:06 BeBH65
70cBrown Bag Lunch Ideas08/15 doug102205:55 HawkeyePierce
13hVanguard Energy ETF (VDE) - Good Time to Jump In?08/15 Cornflakey05:30 Valuethinker
69pUse Vanguard MM Prime for cash rather than local bank?08/13 goshenBogle04:58 bayview
6hwhere to invest money in taxable account to use in 5 years2015 sergdman04:54 ivk5
15hExpat income and 401(k)2018 labishop03:57 Money Market
142tRefinements to Hedgefundie's excellent approach07/05 Hydromod03:09 Forester
4hinvesting strategy08/18 reiternick02:41 mark39
39cHotel recommendation for Cambridge / Boston08/15 rjbraun02:29 dboeger1
162tWhy do dividends still exist?08/09 hungrywave01:58 MathIsMyWayr
63lNew Orange County, CA Local Chapter established2015 Clixt01:26 black
39hSingle-stock investing in taxable or Roth?08/16 middistancerunn00:30 SDLinguist
7tholding ISOs to LTCG08/14 NewMoneyMustBeS00:05 LegendaryRed
15cFront load washer mold08/18 airahcaz23:53 Cuervo_loco
12pPossible to refinance before moving in?08/15 boglefi23:50 JGoneRiding
910pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon23:43 MisterBill
169tCome over to the Liability Matchng portfolio side: the water is fine07/26 grok8723:40 Always passive
12hPortfolio OK but need advice about closing yearly income gap from age 66 to RMD time08/18 robindbee23:40 Dottie57
3hNeed portfolio re balancing/ investment recommendation08/18 assetalloc23:35 assetalloc
30hShould we buy bond mutual funds now?08/15 wmaxmusic22:59 unclescrooge
31cDo you get value out of Clear (airport screening)?04/24 Nearly A Moose22:22 SrGrumpy
4pApproach to career08/18 SeekingBogle22:14 crre
27pMortgage final payment08/07 planetmike22:10 planetmike
6cFood Allergy Testing08/16 FRT1521:51 LadyGeek
112pAre you a "solo ager?"08/09 CULater21:50 bayview
3pRedemption of stocks - Order matters?21:13 zonester21:36 bsteiner
77cDo you "lock" computers in your home?08/13 michaeljc7021:18 Wainward
6hAt the cross roads, looking for wisdom & advice08/18 John Wayne21:08 delamer
8pLife Insurance08/18 Mary2320:48 BruDude
60tSwitch AA 10-year to 2-year Treasuries?08/13 TNOA20:47 TNOA
9pAny reason NOT to drop SGLI?08/12 Sophia188420:44 SueG5123
75cWSJ print edition renwal time - any discounts?09/13 TnGuy20:39 BionicBillWalsh
31hRevisiting EE Bonds given 20 year treasury bond at ~1.9%08/17 BlueCable20:35 willthrill81
14tMoney market rate direction08/17 hoops77720:06 hoops777
72cBox wine- update and recommendations?07/17 Pete1219:23 Devil's Advocat
1cNorth Jersey Nursing Home Recommendations18:50 PlayingLife19:14 bsteiner
10tLarge gap in tax equivalent yield for similar duration (VGIT - interm Treasuries vs VWIUX interm muni)?08/17 kxl1918:41 MikeG62
22cNew Bath Tub Install $$$08/18 Bigfish18:38 Bigfish
31hFinish paying off home or start a IRA?08/01 jmac200718:34 StealthRabbit
391cGood Modern Science Fiction2014 gatorman18:32 LadyGeek
9hInvesting for minors08/18 fdrm201918:28 fortfun
57hLMP: Is it OK to use mutual funds instead of treasuries/TIPS/CDs?07/23 Toadvine18:28 Toadvine
18cLeast expensive place to mass register domains, decide which I want to keep, then transfer08/01 synthfan2318:12 edgeway
4cFord Sync3 Issue-help!08/15 Julyguy75418:06 Julyguy754
48pYet another CP2000 for Roth IRA conversion thread2018 Viking6517:54 boglesmind

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